Portable Concrete Batch Plants

Strategy.  Collaboration.  Efficiency.  Execution.

At Stevenson-Weir, our service and quality mindset isn’t just limited to our fixed based plants in the Charlotte Market.  With 4 Mobile Batch plants, we are ready and capable to travel to your project to assist with your onsite concrete needs.  Every project is a team effort, and we approach every one in three critical phases:

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  1. Mobilization – Every project site is different – footprint and setup.  We work closely with GC, Grading Contractor, and Utilities to ensure a smooth setup onsite.  Provide detailed drawings to outline our plant needs, and consult with GC to ensure our needs mesh with their needs from a project execution standpoint.
  2. Placement – Plant, Mixers, Design, Scheduling, and Finish.  Concrete Contractors expect the best from us, and we strive to exceed expectations.  Our goal is to start strong and finish strong.  Starting with quality materials, and concrete mixtures designed to not meet but exceed compressive strengths, finishers onsite can expect workable concrete and a production over 120 Cubic Yard per Hour, depending on scope.  With zero ambiguity, customers will have direct communication with Stevenson-Weir project team.
  3. De-Mobilization – Smooth, efficient plant take down.  

We are open for ideas and discussion about what projects could benefit from a portable batch plant.  

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