Hauling, Sand and Stone  Products

Serving the Greater Charlotte area, we provide dump truck deliveries of sand, stone or dirt used in residential or commercial applications.

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Stones we deliver includes:


ABC / MBC Stone

Also referred to as “Crush ‘N Run” Commonly used for a base material for Driveways and parking lots

#5 / #57 / #67 Stone

# 5 stone is a larger single graded stone about 1.5” in diameter. A #57 stone is a graded stone 1” in diameter and a #67 stone is 3/4” in diameter or about the size of a quarter. Clean Stone used for Drainage ditches, Top dressing, and Slab prep

#789 Stone (Pea Gravel)

A small clean stone commonly used for top dressing driveways

Rip Rap

A large stone the ranges in sizes from fist size to basketball size. Commonly used for bank protection

Washed Screenings

Sometimes called “Rock Dust” . Screenings is a sand like material used as a leveling material and joint filler for brick pavers

Recycled Base

Commonly used for base material and compactible fill.


Sands we deliver includes:

Red Mortar Sand
Washed mortar Sand
Ball Field Sand
Golf Course Material
C33 / Concrete Sand
Tater dirt

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