Sand and Stone

We currently operate two material yards. One is located in Rock Hill, S.C. and the other is in Monroe, N.C. From these two yards, we service the counties of Chester, Kershaw, Lancaster, and York, in South Carolina and Gaston, Iredell, Mecklenburg, and Union, in North Carolina. We deliver any type of sand, stone, or dirt used in residential or commercial applications.


Sands we deliver includes:
Red Mortar Sand
White Mortar Sand
Ball Field Sand
Golf Course Sand’s
C33 / Concrete Sand


Sands we deliver includes:

ABC / MBC Stone
(Also referred to as “Crush ‘N Run” Commonly used for a base material for Driveways and parking lots)

#5 / #57 / #67 Stone
(# 5 stone is a larger single graded stone about 1.5” in diameter. A #57 stone is a graded stone 1” in diameter and a #67 stone is 3/4” in diameter or about the size of a quarter. Clean Stone used for Drainage ditches, Top dressing, and Slab prep)

#789 Stone (Pea Gravel)
(A small clean stone commonly used for top dressing driveways)

Rip Rap
(A large stone the ranges in sizes from fist size to basketball size. Commonly used for bank protection)

Washed Screenings
(Sometimes called “Rock Dust” . Screenings is a sand like material used as a leveling material and joint filler for brick pavers)

Pit Gravel / Topsoil Mulch

Pit Gravel
(A common fill material. Pit Gravel is a mixture of dirt and rocks that is compactable)

Stevenson-Weir, Inc. owns and operates a Pit Gravel pit off Hwy 97 near I-77. Along with its own Pit, Stevenson-Weir works closely with other owners and sites as well. We have or can find the right dirt for you and your site!


Recycled Stone

Stevenson-Weir operates a crusher and multiple screen plants to produce top-quality recycled material.