About Stevenson-Weir Concrete

Stevenson-Weir, Inc. is a family owned concrete and aggregate hauling company. Mr. L.S. Weir first opened the company, formerly known as Weir Fuel Company, in 1948 in Great Falls, South Carolina. The first concrete batch plant was installed in 1954. Mr. Weir sold part of the company to son in law Michael Stevenson and daughter Martha W. Stevenson in 1984 at which time they called the new satellite company Stevenson-Weir. Weir Fuel Company dissolved in 2003.

Mike and Martha expanded on the concrete and aggregate hauling that Mr. Weir began by adding block, septic tank and brick sales.

Stuart and Kendrick Stevenson, sons of Mike and Martha, grew up in the business but joined the company officially after graduating from Clemson University in 2001 and 2004. With the addition of their two sons Mike and Martha decided to expand the business. They opened a second plant in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 2006.

The Rock Hill office of Stevenson-Weir, Inc. is now the main operating office. To help out with the extra paperwork and growing department of transportation regulations with a second plant Mike and Martha’s daughter Shannon S. Houck and daughter in law Carol Ann Stevenson joined the company.